Dark Lady: Cher (1974)

Dark Lady
Artist:  Cher
Album: Dark Lady
B-side: Two People Clinging to a Thread
Released: February 1974
Songwriter: Johnny Durrill

"Dark Lady" is the title track for Cher's eleventh studio album. It was written by Johnny Durrill and released as a single in early 1974. 
The song became Cher's third solo U.S. number 1 hit on March 23, 1974, and her last until "Believe," 25 years later.


"Dark Lady" is about a woman who visits a famous fortune teller who tells her to break up with her boyfriend. At first, the protagonist is shocked but remembers where she smelt the fortune teller's perfume before: on her bed after a night with her lover. 
The songwriter Johnny Durrill said,  "When I was on tour in Japan with the Ventures, I was writing an interesting song. I telegraphed the unfinished lyrics to Snuff Garrett, Cher's producer. He said to 'make sure the bitch kills him.' 


Two music videos were made. The first was a live performance on The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour.

The second was a cartoon by John David Wilson's animation studio that follows the song's story.

Dark Lady 


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