One Hit Wonder: John Fred & His Playboy Band (1968)

Judy in Disguise (With Glasses)
John Fred & His Playboy Band
From the album: Agnes English
B-side: Out of Left Field
Released: October 1967
Songwriters: John Fred Gourrier, Andrew Bernard

John Fred Gourrier was known by his stage name, John Fred. A blue-eyed American soul, swamp pop, rock, and roll performer from Louisiana, he's best known for the hit single "Judy In Disguise (with Glasses),"  a parody of The Beatles' "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds." 

According to one story, John Fred thought the lyric was "Lucy in disguise with diamonds" when he first heard the Beatles' number. But Fred said he came up with the idea while touring southern states in 1967 behind his minor hit "Agnes English."

Agnes English

He told One Shot magazine he was looking for material for a follow-up song and found the inspiration. Said Fred: 

"We were playing in Florida, and the girls at the time had these big old sunglasses. One of the guys was hustling this chick. She took off these glasses, and she could stop a clock. I said, 'That's it.' That's what gave me the idea. I said, 'She's kind of in disguise.'"

John Fred Gourrier

At first, the girl in this song was named Beverly, but Fred changed it to Judy because it was much easier to sing and went along with the "Lucy" from the song he parodies. 
The lyric, "Cross your heart with a living bra," was very strange, but this was a weird song. Fred was writing lyrics while watching TV and cribbed the line from a Playtex commercial.

Following "Judy In Disguise (with Glasses)," Fred got a deal with UNI Records, who also signed the unknown talents Neil Diamond and Elton John. His follow-up song, "Hey, Hey Bunny," failed to chart. 

Hey, Hey Bunny


John Fred and his Playboy Band
Judy in Disguise 


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