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Banana Boat Song: Harry Belafonte (1956)

Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) Single: Harry Belafonte Album: Calypso Language: Jamaican Patois B-side: "Star-O" Released: 1956 Genre: Mento Songwriters: Traditional, arranged:  Harry Belafonte, William Attaway, Lord Burgess "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)" is traditional Jamaican folk music, a call-and-response song of dock workers loading bananas onto ships. The daylight's come, the shift is over, and they want their work counted and to go home. 

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Susie-Q: One of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 500 Songs that Shaped Rock & Roll (1957)

Susie-Q Single: Dale Hawkins B-side: Don't Treat Me This Way Released: May 1957 Genre: Rockabilly Songwriters: Dale Hawkins, Robert Chaisson Dale Hawkins recorded "Susie Q" towards the end of the rockabilly era in 1957. His cousin, Ronnie Hawkins , released a version of the song with the Hawks, later known as The Band .  Notable live performances of "Susie Q" include  a cover  by  Johnny Rivers '  on his album Meanwhile Back at the Whisky à Go Go and the Everly Brothers ' version on their LP The Everly Brothers Show . Dale's original version is listed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's " 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll ." 

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