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Wallpaper: Even in The Quietest Moments

 Desktop Wallpaper Even in The Quietest Moments

Wallpaper: Tubular Bells

 Desktop Wallpaper Tubular Bells

Get It On (Bang a Gong): One of 500 Songs that Shaped Rock & Roll

Get It On Single: T. Rex Album: Electric Warrior Released: July 2, 1971 Genre: Glam rock, boogie rock Songwriter: Marc Bolan Front-man  Marc Bolan   wrote "Get It On" for the  1971  T. Rex   album Electric Warrior . In the US, it was retitled "Bang a Gong (Get It On)" to avoid confusion with " Get It On " by the group  Chase .   Peaking at number 10 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, i t's Rex's only major US hit. It  spent four weeks atop the  UK  music chart.  The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame counts "Get It On" as one of the  500 Songs that Shaped Rock & Roll.

Desktop: Wallpaper Bono

 Desktop Wallpaper Bono

Wallpaper: The Wall II

 Desktop Wallpaper The Wall II

Wallpaper: Nothing Compares

 Desktop Wallpaper Nothing Compares